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Get Out of Town, | Dec 29, 2016

Winter wilderness

Even in the cool winter months, Scales Lake has lots to offer campers.

Two kayaks looking out over the lake. /Photo courtesy of Scales Lake Park

In the cooler months of winter and early spring, Scales Lake Park in Boonville sees a significant drop in visitors, giving those who do come more space to themselves. With two spacious camping areas for RVs and tents and a secluded area of cabins, winter and spring campers can make use of all the park has to offer.

“People like to get away and come to the cabins,” says gatekeeper Linda Ingram. She describes the cabins as miniature houses, complete with indoor plumbing and showers. The wooden exterior gives them a rustic feel, while the interior provides all the conveniences of modern life and space for groups as large as five to stay in one place with prices ranging from $80-$95 and a $65 security deposit.


Visitors can hike on the biking and walking trails that capture the serenity of the lake. The trails twist and turn over several hilly areas, serving as a good workout.

A petting zoo is home to several animals, including rabbits, chickens, peacocks, pigs and ducks, including one with a bad attitude and feathery Afro who’s known as the “Disco Duck.” The animals are sometimes allowed to roam the grounds and show up in unexpected places.

The park doesn’t get a lot of snow, so there’s little need to worry about your clothes getting soaked through.

Children can play at two playgrounds and still be visible from almost anywhere in the camping area.

 The beach closes in early August and doesn’t reopen until late May, but the lake is always there to enjoy.

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