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812 The Magazine celebrates southern Indiana – its cities, its small towns, its natural beauty, its rich history, its local food and its creative, friendly people. We want to remind ourselves why it’s a compliment to be called a Hoosier and to tell visitors why Indiana is not just a crossroads, but a destination.

From south of Indianapolis to the Ohio River, we’ll lead readers down highways, back roads and hiking trails to find intriguing places they haven’t been and meet remarkable people they haven’t met. We’ll explore the quiet beauty of our parks and forests and rivers in all seasons. And we’ll venture into southern Indiana’s past to see how it shapes both our present and our future.

812 was conceived, reported, written, photographed, edited and designed by students in J481: Creating an Indiana Magazine at the Indiana University Media School. 

Contents may not be reproduced without written consent of the school.

If you are interested in advertising in 812, or if you'd like copies to distribute at your place of business, please contact ads@idsnews.com.

For more information, contact Media School journalism lecturer Nancy Comiskey by email at ncomiske@indiana.edu, or by telephone at 812-856-1915.

Our Staff

Taylor Haggerty, Editor-in-chief

Originally from Michigan, Taylor welcomes the southern Indiana change of scenery.

Haley Church, Managing Editor

Born and bred in the 812 region, Haley enjoys corn, trees and all things free.

Mercer T. Suppiger

Mercer hopes you find this issue both exciting and informative.

Paige Hutson, Art Director

Paige found solace in the beautiful scenery of Spring Mill State Park.

Kaitlyn McMahon, Social Media Editor

Kaitlyn took her Chicago taste buds south to find menus with a view.

Courtney Veneri, Social Media Editor

Courtney loves hiking, which inspired her to visit Brown County State Park.

Holly Dodds, Online Editor

A senior, Holly shares her love of history with a look at our first governor.

Danielle Flum, Departments Editor

A senior from Florida, Danielle traded the beach for a state park cave.

Kennedy Coopwood, Departments Editor

Kennedy, a junior, relishes style and was inspired to write a story about it.

Nicole Krasean, Staff Writer

Nicole searched for the best donut shops and found a new favorite.

Meghan Little, Staff Writer

A music minor, Meghan met the region's stringed instrument makers.

TJ Jaeger, Staff Writer

A senior, TJ set off to Clifty Falls to learn about its history and landscape.

Arriel Vinson, Staff Writer

Arriel explored her love for food and business in her profile of Sue Aquila.

Andrea Crowley, Online Editor

Originally from Boston, Andrea visited studios to learn about lutherie.

Nancy Comiskey, Instructor

A hiker who loves our state parks, Nancy now has new places to visit.