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Double feature

Hop in the bed of your pick-up truck, crank up the country tunes and don't forget the bug spray. It's drive-in season!

Whether you're looking for a romantic date, some family fun, or a chance to kick back with friends, the drive-in is an affordable, fun place to go on a summer night. Get there right before sunset and watch the sky turn from pink, yellow and purple to a maze of bright stars. As the temperature drops, get cozy with as many blankets as you want and stay in your pajamas. The best part? You can bring your own snacks without having to sneak them in through your purse.

According to the United Drive-In Theatre Owner's Association, Indiana has more member drive-in theaters than the entire state of Texas, coming in fourth on the list of states with the most drive-ins. Southern Indiana is home to seven of them and we picked two based on best events and food. Both theaters open in April and close in October.

Georgetown Drive-In

This theater in New Albany is a laid-back place that families have been going to for years. They come from out of town to get there six to seven hours before films begin to ensure that they get a place to park. In 2010, Linda Blair came for a showing of "The Exorcist" and signed autographs and met patrons. This year is Georgetown's 60-year anniversary and to celebrate, they are having a "Rock Around the Clock" night on July 23. Cindy Williams ("Laverne and Shirley"), Paul Le Mat ("American Graffiti" and "American History X"), and Henry Winkler ("Happy Days") will be there to watch two "Happy Days" episodes and "American Graffiti" and meet fans. For an event like this, it's best to get there two hours before. As an added bonus, the concession's specialty is red velvet, deep-fried snack cakes.

Cinema 67

Located five miles north of Spencer, this theater was built in 1957 during the "drive-in boom" that swept the United States. It not only has five screens but also boasts a kitchen that makes the concession stand feel like a small-town diner. They have their own chef whose specialty is homemade apple dumplings with vanilla sauce. He won't give the recipe away, but he says, "It's pretty basic--water, sugar, flour, real butter, vanilla bean. Always top with nutmeg; that's the secret kick." Cinema 67 is also known for its Polish sausage sandwiches, half-pound breaded pork tenderloin sandwich and a fixings bar so customers can dress their food with sweet peppers, onions and more.