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Jeff Fisher

From chickens to asparagus to peaches, Jeff Fisher finds everything he needs to feed his family in his backyard.

Imagine how much better your peanut butter and jelly sandwich would taste knowing that you made the ingredients. Jeff Fisher, who lives outside Crothersville, makes each component himself - from the bread to the peanut butter to the strawberry jam. He shares his secrets on his blog along with the lessons he's learned from living off the land.

You can grow or collect everything you need to survive.

A self-sufficient life style used to be common, but it's slipping away in today's culture. There are so many tools to work with on this earth, and I figured I'm not going to let them go to waste.

Big problems can be fixed with small solutions.

Our soil in Southern Indiana is neutral to slightly alkaline because we are on a limestone base. Blueberries do not thrive in our soil without amendments to neutralize and acidify it first. We got around that by planting our blueberries in bourbon barrels sawed in half and filled with good quality potting soil. We keep the soil acidified by dumping our used coffee grounds in the barrels daily, and working it into the soil.

Do and think for yourself.

The more of these skills you learn for yourself, the more self-sufficient you become. You have the chance to become the master of your own destiny as you and your family become less dependent on others.

Never stop trying.

I've tried everything on my website at least once myself, and more often I've tried it multiple times because nothing turns out the way you expect it to the first time. Most of the techniques I learn come from trial-and-error. I've learned to blanch the broccoli or else it will taste horrible when you defrost it, and I've learned not to butcher a stressed chicken. If you eat a chicken filled with hormones, you won't sleep very well that night.