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What's hot when it's cold

Survive winter to welcome spring with these eight items from Southern Indiana.

While meteorologist Chikage Windler says Northern Indiana beats our record lows because of the effect of Lake Michigan, winter doesn't go easy on Southern Indiana. However, with eight essential regional items, you'll be able survive the cold to welcome the spring flowers.

Burnin' Love

No winter scene is complete without an illuminated fireplace. For the hottest blocks, look for black locust logs, which grow in Southern Indiana's limestone rich soil.

Wrapped Up

Pick up fabrics, pick up a pastime. Quilting is a great hobby to do by the fireplace, and The Stitching Post in Washington offers a wide selection of fabrics to craft an easy four-patch quilt.

Silky Smooth

Grab some chocolates from BLU Boy Chocolate Cafe & Cakery in Bloomington for Valentines Day and Easter. Die-hard chocoholics can swing by during the last week in January when the Week of Chocolate festival is held.

Grandpa's Delight

Quilts may warm your limbs, but a little alcohol goes to the core. Buy the award-winning brandy from Huber's Orchard and Winery in Borden and mix it in eggnog for an indulgence that even grandma won't be able to resist.

Bit O' Beeswax

A little beeswax goes a long way. Melt it down and rub it on wind-chapped lips or even mold it into candlesticks. Hunter's Honey Farm in Martinsville sells the bees' oeuvre by the block.

Mother Nature's Candy

Take a detour through the hills of Medora to Burton's Maplewood Farm, where the National Maple Syrup Festival is held in March. Grab a glass bottle of their famous infused syrup for pipin' hot pancakes.

Dig It!

When the snow begins to melt, grab a shovel from Seymour Manufacturing, one of the principal auger producers in the world.

Green Thumbs

Start a vegetable garden inside and relocate the plants outdoors late March for fresh veggies in May. According to the Purdue Department of Horticulture, some good early vegetables for the climate include asparagus and rhubarb.