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Indiana ink

Whether you've got hometown pride or Hoosier Hysteria, there's an Indiana tattoo for you. 812 talked to more than 20 tattoo artists in Southern Indiana to bring you the top eight Hoosier stamps.

1. An intricate and difficult shape to replicate, the Indiana state outline came in as the number one most popular Indiana-related tattoo. Nearly every shop you'll see in Southern Indiana has traced our sock of a state. It's commonly seen with a star planted on the location of the recipient's hometown. Shannon Simpson of Bloomington's Genuine Tattoo said this tattoo is so popular that they always keep the design in the shop.

2. The Indiana flag isn't only flying on poles, but also on the arms of many Hoosiers. It's a gold torch surrounded by an outer circle of 13 stars, an inner semi-circle of five stars and a 19th star at the top of the torch that represents Indiana's admission into the Union as the 19th state.

3. With one of the largest alumni associations in America, Indiana University instills Hoosier pride in even the most distant out-of-staters. It's no surprise the cream and crimson logo comes in as the third most popular Indiana Tattoo.

4. You won't just find the Indiana state bird perched in your backyard. The cardinal has been tattooed in just about every shop in the area.

5. The unofficial symbols of Indiana, the basketball and basketball hoop, have been done by several area artists, often times to accompany the IU logo or the word "Hoosier."

6. Indiana's cream of the crop, an ear of corn, has been done as a filler for the Indiana outline or boldly stamped on its own.

7. The 812 magazine staff isn't the only group proud to of the designation. More than one shop has done the 812 area code.

8. While more common around Indianapolis, the Colt's horseshoe has been designed by many area artists.