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The 812 List, | Jan 04, 2014

8 Vinyl Records to Get Your Hands On

Three Record Store Owners from Southern Indiana Share Their Favorite Records with 812.

Even with today's digital music technology, you'll still find many vintage record stores across Southern Indiana. Danny Lindsey, the owner of Vinyl Rescue Project, an independent record shop in Greenwood, has been collecting vinyl records since he was about 10. "I believe that the best way to listen to music is on vinyl records played on a turntable," he says. "The listener participation creates a connection between the music and the listener."

812 talked to three vinyl record store owners and asked them what records they can't live without.

1. Loveless, My Bloody Valentine, 1991 Bloomington's own Landlocked Music is co-owned by Heath Byers, a vinyl record lover who is passionate about appreciating what makes the music special. "Loveless is a one of a kind, once in a lifetime kind of album," Byers says. "It is both loud and soft, harsh and soothing, sexy and sad. The artwork perfectly matches the sound." The price that it cost to record this album almost led the band to bankruptcy.

2. Transformer, Lou Reed, 1972 "Lou Reed is a straight shooter. No Nonsense," says Byers. "I love Transformer mostly for the song 'Perfect Day.' It has the happy/sad dichotomy and sure helped me through some tough times." It has been said that Andy Warhol was a strong influence for this album.

3. I Love The Way You Love, Betty Wright, 1972 "As I have gotten deeper and deeper into old soul, Betty Wright has never led me wrong," Byers says. "She is underappreciated and funky!" Wright is one of the few black, female musicians to have a gold record on her own label.

4. Back in Black, ACDC, 1980 Joe Smith is the owner of several Joe's Records' vinyl stores in Southern Indiana, with locations in Corydon and Evansville. "I think 'Back in Black' is an amazing hard rock record front and back," Smith says. "Every song rules." This record was the first that ACDC did after Bon Scott died. "It was such a great comeback record considering what the band went through," Smith adds.

5. The Wall, Pink Floyd, 1979 "It's a brilliant concept record which is a dying art form," Smith says. "Not too many people do that anymore. You can listen to it over and over again and everybody has a different perception of what it means." The album is usually performed live with elaborate theatrical effects.

6. Scary Monsters, David Bowie, 1980 "It's all of the overindulgence of the 80's with all the 'Bowieisms,'" Smith says. "It's a dark record, yet it's a little up-tempo. Picking your favorite Bowie record is like picking your favorite supermodel: They're all beautiful." The album was number one in the UK.

7. Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys, 1966 "Pet Sounds is just a beautiful piece of music," Lindsey says. "Most of the songs deal with making the move from teenager to adult and the sense of loss that one experiences." The record has been ranked as number one by several music magazines.

8. Help!, The Beatles, 1965 "It's a great album...the Beatles before they started taking themselves too seriously," Lindsey says. This album was the Beatles' 10th record released in North America.

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