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A dance among flavors

Peacetree Mountain Truffles please any taste palate

A sample of Peacetree Mountain Truffles are shown in The Olive Leaf showroom.

Food has a way of creating a memory.

To Linda Armes, the 55-year-old founder and owner of Peacetree Mountain Truffles, her truffles are like vacationing on a beach in Florida. The sun is up, and no one is around. It’s a moment of repose.

“It’s that feeling of enjoyment and relaxation,” she says. “Maybe we shouldn’t get that from sugar, but we do. It’s very peaceful because it tastes so fresh.”

Armes calls herself a dessert junkie. Her goals towards desserts changed as she traded in cookie dough and taffy recipes during the holiday season for a year-round truffle business. Armes won an Emeril Live "Cook With Your Kids" contest with her son in 2004 and was featured on Food Network.

In 2010, Armes experimented with truffles for a Christmas dessert.

“I started making truffles for the holidays and when everyone tasted them, we all knew I had found the perfect thing. Two of my friends decided they would like to join me in the business and that's when Peacetree Mountain Truffles was born,” Armes says.

Armes was looking for an outlet to expand her culinary creativity and Peacetree was that door. She went into business with Gretchen Handlos, the director of Graduate Accounting Programs and Information Systems at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, and Lisa Hornibrook, Peacetree’s director of marketing.

“Bloomington is very foodie,” she says. “They like quality food, local food, handmade foods and that definitely plays into what we do with our truffles.”

Peacetree’s truffles combine rich creamy textures with tangy and sweet local wines and balsamic oils to create a bite-sized explosion of flavor. Each one is hand-decorated with shimmery metallic blues, gold or a raspberry finish.

Peacetree is influenced by partnerships. By paring with local businesses, they help bring customers to local wineries who in turn bring business to them. They pair with Oliver Winery, Buck Creek Winery and Chateau Thomas Winery and mix their flavors with oils from The Olive Leaf to create custom truffles with an assortment of flavorings.

“Our goal is to recreate the fresh flavors of their wines in our chocolates,” Armes says. “It’s been a great collaboration. We give Oliver a new, unique way to feature their fabulous wines. It’s also a way for people to find out about us.”

Prices range from $13.50 to $32 depending upon the type of truffle. A nine count or a 16-count box.

Here are a few classic wine and Balsamic parings:

Catawba Wine Truffle

White Chocolate Ganache with Oliver Winery’s Creekbend Catawba | $18.00-$32.00

A sweet peach taste with a touch of cotton candy.

Blackberry Wine Truffle

White Chocolate Ganache with Oliver Winery’s Blackberry Wine | $18.00-$32.00

Signature homemade blackberry wine jelly enveloped in rich dark chocolate

Vidal Blanc Wine Truffle

60% Dark Chocolate Ganache with Buck Creek Winery’s Der Champion Riesling | $18.00-$32.00

A symmetry of melon and peach flavors with grapefruit aromas, meshed with a semi-dry white wine and dark chocolate.

Blood Orange Olive Oil Truffle

50% Dark Chocolate Ganache with Blood Orange Olive Oil | $13.50-$24.00

A subtle sweet and tart flavoring of a blood orange and rich dark chocolate.

Chipotle Balsamic Truffle

50% Dark Chocolate Ganache with aged Chipotle Balsamic Vinegar | $13.50-$24.00

A smoky, power-filled delight enclosed in rich dark chocolate.

Peacetree also offers signature cookie truffles, seasonal truffles and coffee truffles.

“We are committed to quality and taste and we don't compromise,” says Armes. “We don't stop until we are perfectly happy with it.”

Peacetree Mountain truffles can be found at The Olive Leaf, Oliver Winery and Bloomingfoods in Bloomington, The Wild Olive and Chateau Thomas Winery in Nashville and at Buck Creek Winery in Indianapolis.