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What I've Learned, | Apr 21, 2015

Lil BUB, a cosmic cat

Bloomington's favorite kitty shares her out-of-this-world insights.

Lil BUB relaxes at her owner's recording studio with her famous tongue hanging out. /Photo by Haley Ward

Lil BUB took the Internet by storm with her enormous humanoid eyes and cute tongue that perpetually hangs out out of her mouth. Mike Bridavsky found her in a feral litter sheltered in a Bloomington tool shed three and half years ago. She overcame health challenges, published a book, hosted a talk show, starred in her own movie, and raised money for animals in need. Bridavsky says he knew from the moment they met that BUB was one of a kind. BUB is so unique that her origins go beyond Bloomington: she can't possibly be from the planet Earth. He agreed to channel BUB’s inner thoughts so we could learn a thing or two from a cat that is truly out-of-this-world cute.

You have to stay grounded

Well, when I first landed here on Earth, I felt the need to use magic to keep me firmly planted and grounded. Then I realized Earth’s gravity already does that for me. What a relief that was. I was getting really tired.

Don’t let the “cat haters” get to you

Fortunately for me, most “cat haters” can’t hate a BUB. My innocence, positivity and inspirational energy are simply too potent to put down. In fact, I am known for turning “cat haters” into lovers.

Keep the fans in mind

Using fierce and unwavering concentration.

Remember who stood by you before you were famous

There has never been a moment, in the millions of years I have roamed the universe, that I wasn’t famous. And even if there was, it would have been millions of years ago, and I can’t be expected to remember. This is a trick question.

You should give back to the community

My entire existence hinges on my ability to inspire, to heal and to give back. My very essence radiates from my body, out from my eyes and through my photographs and videos. This energy inspires people to love, to do good, to help others and to maintain a positive outlook on life. I also give back on a more tangible level. I’ve started the very first national fund for special needs pets, called Lil BUB's Big FUND for the ASPCA. I raise money through merchandise sales from my online store, as well from appearances and meet-and-greets.

You should be unique

Being a unique space kitty is something to cherish – a celebration of science, magic and unconditional love. I can’t imagine not being a unique space kitty. That sounds awful.  

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