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You’re basically a Bloomingtonian if . . .

Take this quiz and discover how close you are to being a townie!

Over the last 200 years, Bloomington has established itself as a place of diversity and inclusivity. Whether you’re Bloomington born and bred, a recent transplant or just passing through, the city will welcome you with open arms. You can claim you’re a Bloomingtonian if . . .

1.You’ve been to the Lotus Festival.

Every September, the Lotus World Music & Arts Festival draws some 12,000 people to downtown Bloomington for four days of music, dance and revelry. The festival has hosted more than 500 musicians from more than 120 countries.

2.You’ve gone to an IU men’s basketball home game.

The Hoosiers men’s basketball team is 10th in overall NCAA Tournament victories, has an impressive 60 percent winning percentage in Big Ten Conference games and was listed by a 2017 study as the third most valuable collegiate basketball team in the United States. Iconic.

3.You’ve grabbed a drink at Nick’s.

Nick’s English Hut opened in 1927 and has been serving the Bloomington community ever since. Books have been written about Nick’s, like The College of Beer: The Story of Nick’s English Hut by Bill Weaver.

4.You’ve swam in the quarries.

Although Bloomington Police Department is a little stricter about people trespassing in the quarries these days, generations of Bloomingtonians remember basking in the sun at Rooftop Quarry, feeling as if they’re straight out of a scene in “Breaking Away.”

5.You’ve visited the farmers’ market.

With more than 150 vendors, the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market is a meeting place during the spring, summer and fall. Buskers play music, customers bring their children to play in the fountain outside City Hall.

6.You’ve had a picnic in Bryan Park.

Located between Henderson Street and Woodlawn Avenue just south of the IU campus the park has playgrounds, a trail, baseball diamonds, picnic shelters, basketball courts and a public pool. With plenty of green space, it’s a popular location to spread out a blanket on a warm day.

7.You’ve attended the lighting ceremony on the square.

Each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, hundreds of Bloomingtonians flock to the courthouse square to drink hot cocoa, sing Christmas carols and see local performers. At the end of the evening, spectators watch the famous courthouse Christmas lights illuminate the faces of friends and family – and another holiday season begins.

8.You’ve walked or biked the B-Line Trail.

The 5.1-mile trail through downtown Bloomington connects with the Bloomington Rail Trail on the city’s south side. Walk, run, or bike by street art, flowers and friendly faces, a welcome respite from desk jobs or college classrooms.

1-2 You’re on your way!

3-5 You’re practically a native!

6-8 You’re a townie!